SportsWorx is the most dynamic, innovative athletic scholarship resource available to high school athletes and their parents today. By providing personal guidance and information along with exposure and access to the right college coaches nationally, high school athletes and parents are armed with the best options in the pivotal decision-making process for college.

What we do for high school athletes:

Here are just a few things that SportsWorx can help you with:

•Teach you the process and the rules •Put you in front of coaches
•Communicate in quiet periods
•Provide an on line Web Profile to market your skills
•Provide a disciplined game plan
•Evaluate scholarship options and show you what's available in your sport
•Teach you how to evaluate colleges
•Save you money

The SportsWorx team is comprised of a group of dedicated Sports Advisors from around the country looking to help high school athletes achieve their goals.

Our Sports Advisors are experts in the recruiting field, providing athletes and their families with:

•Comprehensive Playbook outlining everything
the athlete needs to accomplish •NCAA, NAIA, & NJAA Recruiting Regulations
•Academic Standards
•NCAA Clearinghouse Registration Information
•Scholarship Availability
•Athletic Resume Content
•Effective Video Presentations
•Guidelines for NCAA Compliant Coach Contacts
•Financial Aid Information
•School Research and Evaluation Assistance

Providing Organization and Discipline

Knowledge and state-of-the-art tools are a great start, but it takes discipline to accomplish the many tasks needed to realize your dreams. This is one area where the SportsWorx Advisors really come in handy.

We show athletes what to do and when to do it. 

We monitor their progress to be sure it gets done.
Athletes use Task Sheets including a "When to do it" College evaluation form a "What to look for" School contact report and the ability to track other activities.

Providing Exposure

Your Personal On line Profile
SportsWorx provides an online Athlete Profile to every athlete. This online profile is an amazing way to showcase your background to coaches.

•Grades, Transcripts, and Test Scores
•Contact Information
•Personal Message
•Sports History
•Video Highlights
•Extra Curricular Activities
•"See me play" game/tournament schedule


State-of-the-Art College Coach Matching Program

SportsWorx provides athletes with unparalleled exposure to college coaches and recruiters throughout their high school career. This increased visibility gives athletes and parents the ability to choose wisely between the colleges and universities that best fit their individual needs; financially, academically and athletically.

In addition to the online profile, SportsWorx provides the most technologically advanced automated matching system available allowing college coaches to match their needs to student athletes they are seeking without an on-site visit. This process is accomplished with four easy steps.

•Coach creates virtual scouts
•Athlete profiles are intelligently matched to virtual scout
•Scout emails athlete for permission to let coach view profile
•Approved coach views full athlete profile

How SportsWorx benefits College and University Coaches:

By using the SportsWorx "e-scouting" process, made possible with today‘s latest technology, a college coach or scout can search our athlete database for specific statistics: i.e., GPA, ACT or SAT scores, height, weight, state of residence, and many more. Each coach registered with the SportsWorx program can create specifically detailed searches or "e-scouts" that run automatically on our database of athletes, ensuring that the most qualified prospects never miss their chance to play collegiate sports. Moreover, SportsWorx allows an athlete's profile to be conveniently viewed by both the athlete and any college recruiter at any time 24/7/365.


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