Our History     

     Arizona Urban Youth Foundation was began by Glenn Coleman, a former player with the Baltimore Orioles organization. His passion for baseball and the growth of youth in our area, both mentally and physically, has fueled his desire to make this as successful as it could ever possibly be.
     Glenn's dream has always been to provide a program that involved both education and baseball. A program that not only gives youth the proper instruction to the game of baseball, but also an education component that would give young adults the tools necessary to succeed in today's world, with or without baseball.
    When the opportunity arose to become a part of the RBI program, he jumped at it. We have spent much time and effort in putting together a group of individuals that would complement our organization with each bringing experience and something special to the program. We have former ball players, coaches, teachers, deans, accountants, etc., all of which who are also parents.
      Our ultimate goal is to have a facility that would encompass a charter school and provide free instruction and league play. We want to create a fun, exciting, structured learning environment for youths that are predominantly under served, and that without us, may very well likely never have the opportunities we could provide for them.

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